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Hello All!

Well, I have to apologize first for my lack of experience in community services, and I have a feeling that everything will fall apart in a few days. Well, at least everything works now!

Just because none of you know me, I figured I would post
Time swept through my hair as it lazily rolled over the hill, its gentle fingers caressing me as a gentle sky smiled down. I ran my hand along my head, pulling back my hair to a normal position. It really didn't matter, and I knew that time would bring it back to my face where I would do the same thing over and over again. I smiled, the same sort of flirty grin that you saw on everyone in the park that day. I was flirting with time, because that was all I could do. You could stop the wind, but you can never stop time.

I gazed up into the morning sky with a curious twist of my neck, I was curious about something but it wasn't any of my business so I just enjoyed the view. The green of the old oak trees softened the mass of blue that stretched above me, reminding me of a picture frame that hung in the short corridor at the college. Actually..........it was the same image: as crisp and as clear in my eyes and my mind. Would I have been in that sort of mood I probably would have wondered why it was so, but I wasn't.....so I didn't. In fact, that couldn't have been further from the truth. The truth was----that I was in the type of mood to toss my head back and throw out a quick, obnoxious laugh, pull my fingers through my hair, and go back at staring over my knees at the people below me. Ironically, I decided to do just that and, by god, I enjoyed it.

Four children were walking down the long cement path on the left, their arms outstretched; each holding tight to one of the caring hands of their parents. They were a distance away and probably didn't notice me, or notice the fact that I was enjoying the light sound of a sing-song nursery rhyme that came echoing from their mouths. It wasn't one I knew, but I might as well have because it sound just like my days singing those songs. Skipping as they did, I can remember, I loved to take walks with my older brother and sister as we all sang the songs. Prancing step-by-step they sang out and never thought once about anybody but themselves and the hands they held. They had different faces than I, but we had the same heart.

The stage on right held the hearts of two lovers that walked beyond the realm that I knew. I often came here to see their intense eyes and enraptured thoughts carried tightly in the passions of two lovers whose faces changed with each dawn. No one knew the original story of how they came to be here, or why anyone remembered the story, but they all knew it was true if for no other reason than that no one had ever seen two souls more carried from the present than when they existed together on that stage. I knew it always sounded to much like a childrens story, and I'm sure that it would seem like nothing more than the wishful romanticism of old souls, but as I looked upon that lay there under the watchful eye of a soft sunbeam, I knew it was true.

The last pair were much different than all the rest, but seemed to be the the perfect connection between all others in the park that day. It was the sort of thing that made you laugh a little, then get a little introspective, before laughing again. I could do nothing but smile as I watched the two of them laying flat at the bottom of the hill, staring wide-eyed at the the sky. One of them would shoot up the occasional hand, pointing to something that only they could see. In a way it was almost a magical moment, I suppose. If you looked close enough you could see that the boy was the older of the two, but it was only enough to make her trust him. It was innocence in its purest form, and you could see it clearly in both their faces; blushing gently when their hands chanced a brush upon one another. They were young, they were untouched by the days. They were unscarred by the time that even now blew by me.

Standing up slowly, I brushed the back of my jeans off, noticing that there was nothing tangible there when I did. Somehow, deep down, that bothered me in a way I could never hope to fully understand. It was like I had forgotten something: something so important I knew I would die without it, but I something that I knew could never be remembered again. Mortality. I don't know any other way man could know it. I glanced back over those before me, looking for reassurance in their hearts, but I knew they could have nothing for me. They had their world and I had mine, and nothing between the two could ever hope to answer any of the questions in my heart just then. So, I shrugged, realizing that there was nothing I could do but try to forget them, forget who they were. I pulled hat down hard onto my head, and shoved the bill over my face as I walked into the wind, against time. I was a slave to my world, to my time. This was the way it was, and this was the way it always would be.

Let me know what you think, I am already eager to hear new viewpoints and criticisms. Hope to meet you all!

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